peerlessguard z

Peerless Guard Z is a facemask exclusively designed against viruses,
and against PM2.5.


Antiviral processing 【outside】

SEK-marked antiviral fiber is used for the surface material of the mask to reduce the number of specific viruses, and its amino-acid metal ion film securely blocks pollens, house dusts and fungus.

Antibacterial and deodorized processing 【inside】

Its antibacterial and deodorized finishing controls bacterial propagation and odors, and the mask stays clean all the time.
Also, as moisturizing ingredients, aloe and chitosan that are known to moisturize skins and hairs are used to protect your skin and throat from the dryness.

The antiviral processing is not meant to treat or prevent diseases. The antiviral property test was conducted by leaving the virus stocks: ATCC VR-1679 (with viral envelopes) in 25ºC (77ºF) for 2 hours. The antiviral processing does not control the virus activities.

Its antiviral, antibacterial and deodorizing effects remain unchanged after washing.

Peerless Guard Z can be washed repeatedly without losing its antiviral, antibacterial and deodorizing effects.
Their high level of continuousness was also proved in the assay at KAKEN Center.

See the results of the assay

Directions for washing

□Washing Washing Very light machine wash is possible with water temperature maximum of 40ºC (104ºF).
□Bleaching Bleaching Never use chlorine or oxygen bleach.
□Tumble Drying Tumble Drying Low temperature tumble-dry can be used (maximum emission temperature: 60ºC (140ºF))
□Natural drying Natural drying Hang to dry in shade is best.
□Ironing Ironing Never iron this product.
□Wet cleaning Wet cleaning Wet cleaning can be applicable.